Friday, 29 January 2010

To Teach (Design) or Not To Teach

That is the (design) question. (?) I would love to hear your opinion on this topic:

Should Designers Teach What They Know?

There are probably two or three different ideas on this. Some designers keep their cards close; we don't know their 'real' secrets, while other designers lay their cards on the table for all to see. Some business owners believe that if you 'teach them' they won't need you. There is fear that the educated consumer will purchase the materials on their own and complete the project without professional advice, experience and fees. Others believe teaching builds customer relationships, loyalty, (free) publicity and knowledge - which ultimately equals 'more' revenue. There is another point of view that I completely agree with: Designers Get Schooled and Improve By Teaching! We find out that there are many things about our own subject that we didn't know. Our students teach us! Two of the greatest design teachers of all time are Martha Stewart and Dorothy Draper. Martha has based her entire empire on the act of 'teaching' others to be as good as her and look at her omnimedia sales! She teaches everything from flower arranging and gardening to crafts and interior decorating and cooking. I would even go so far as to say that Martha is the wealthiest teacher on the planet.
To Teach (design) or Not To Teach. That is the (design) question?
Beautiful Blooms


lifeinredshoes said...

TEACH!!!! I am a firm believer in sharing your talents. That doesn't mean you have to give them away.
I take a class whenever I have time, usually something to do with sewing, and it just encourages me to take another one.
And Libby, I can smell that tupperware through the moniter....yikes.

Angie Muresan said...

Well, of course! YOU are so talented, it would be a waste if you didn't teach. Where can I sign up for classes? I want to learn what you know!
Those photos are gorgeous! Absolutely!

Laura in Paris said...

Beautiful post. So much youth, so much color, so many smells (I guess)!

Jan said...

Yes I think that teachers do learn as they teach.
Life is one long learning curve isn't it ?
Have a lovely weekend x

A-M said...

Oh teach, share, help! It all comes back to you ten fold. I have been on the receiving end of nasties who don't want to share their ideas, their talents, who sabbotage wherever they can... karma is a beautiful thing. Oh what glorious images.... such beauty! A-M xx

corine said...

Teachers should teach, and talented people should never reveal their secrets. This being said I teach French and cooking so what does that make me?

I love those images. Nothing like a class room to me, and when you add flowers...

Mn8Multimedia said...

Lovely photos! Thanks.