Friday, 22 January 2010

The Sucky-Prickly Side Of Blogging

Remember when it was just a few of us? Remember we all had time to read each other's posts every single day? Remember when you actually felt as though you could leave spirited, lengthy, heart felt comments? Remember being up blogging in the middle of the night and you knew everyone else who was too? (and you wanted to pick up the phone to talk to them in person?) Remember when we used to support one another? Remember we supported every blogger unconditionally; encouraging them - a negative word would never be whispered in the blogosphere. Remember when there wasn't any competition or schmoozing for advertisers? Remember when we didn't even know how to load a photo or analyze traffic? Now there are millions of us. How does that work? Sucky-Prickly.


shelly said...

Yes, I do! I remember when I found you, when you linked to me - oh...I was so excited ;)
It was really fun, and you're right...a girl could click around and keep up. Now? Oh my my...impossible!

Jan said...

Saturation - never a good thing.
Keeping up ?
Still trying.
Heart your support x

pia said...

I hear ya. xoxo