Thursday, 14 January 2010

New Pre-Fab Houses for Haiti

Why not offer this type of home to Haiti? (Please. I know. I'm jumping the gun and discussing things like this w-a-y too soon, but I know it will take a lot to get kits like this put together....and they weigh virtually nothing!!!!) They can be the smallest, basic plan - lightweight (made of styrofoam) and easy to transport and build. Earthquake & hurricane proof - safe, affordable. Read more......
IMPORTANT INFO: (Thank You Suzanne)
Their representative in Haiti is Dr. Hubert Morquette, who operates King's Hospital in Port au Prince and also King's Garden Orphanage and school.
SAMARITAN'S PURSE - This is a faith-based organization that has been working in Haiti for many years. They have people on the ground and a network in place. They've already sent two DC-3 cargo planes loaded with medical supplies and doctors. More to leave today.
Wyclef Jean's foundation, Yele Haiti.


Jackie said...

Those are darling houses! Great idea! :-)

Jan said...

These dome houses look like a great idea.

splendidmarket said...

What a great idea -- all solar powered!