Friday, 22 January 2010

In Search Of Succulents

Southern Accents Magazine has a wonderful online section of 'flowers and plants'. Their articles are short, informative and gorgeous. Succulents have become the belle of the ball. Here are some succulent sources for you.


The Polished Pebble said...

Love LOve LoVe me some them succulents!!

Definitely the new gardening trend unless you are from Palm Springs!

love your blog best~*~kelley

sealaura said...

love the succulents bc i am less likely to kill them accidentally of course! also those conservatories below are fab. hope you have a great weekend. I think I need one, but my landlord might not agree with the add on to the villa!

Laura in Paris said...

I cleaned my deck today, a lots of plants were burnt with the cold spell we had around Christmas .. including the few succulents I had. Will have to start all over in March.