Monday, 4 January 2010

Hello Cheetah

You're lookin' mighty fine on that Vanity Fair cover. I guess I'll buy 2. One to swoon over and one to wrap up nicely for future investment. Annie photographs such as these, will certainly be worth a 'roar'. (Now've caused me a kerfuffle before...I'm not'm hoping this time, things will be different.)


sinnlighet said...

Hello my dear cyber-friend. Thanks for all your comments on my Wabi & Sabi blog. I wish you a sensuous 2010 - of course!

TIGER, what happened to him .... I feel involved in his divorce o;) because Elin is Swedish girl! But... a handsome man he is in any case!

Lots of love


columnist said...

Lovely play on words. I'm sure Tiger will be rather sorry that he agreed to be photographed in this way, but VF seem to be milking their booty for all it's worth.

sealaura said...

Tiger needs to come out of his den and face the music. He seems cowardly for a Tiger. Elin is the real lioness, caring on with life and taking care of her cubs.