Saturday, 16 January 2010

Friday Night's Little Miracles At Home

Two little girls with messy 'Playtime with Bubby' hairdo's (stopping for a late, late, late dinner), scenes from my kitchen counter and cuddly, wet-nosed-pup poking out for a visit from under my skirted studio desk (what's all the commotion...I'm trying to sleep) - candles burning for those who are suffering. Little miracles everywhere.


Jan said...

My Friday nights are rubbish.
I want to go to Bubby's house !
(stamps feet)

Taylor said...

sounds like the perfect night :)

A-M said...

Yes cherishing every moment with 'them' in my thoughts too. A-M xxe

splendidmarket said...

perfect, cozy.

sinnlighet said...

How wonderful that you share of your everyday life. The pictures are fantastic.

By the way....I have just returned from an operation (inflamed gall bladder), so I goes on at half speed.

Lots of love

Agneta, the swedish one

Cote de Texas said...

what a good bubby you are! and what beautiful girls! getting so big, it seems like it was yesterday the baby was born!!!!