Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Camera Angel

They appear out of nowhere. You won't recognize them as angels for their wings are hidden behind their huge giving hearts. This was the gift handed to me. Placed ever so gently in my hands; with a look of happy pride in his eyes. I've know this angel for about a year. He knew I was a photographer. Silently, quietly he waited. And then the gift. He said this: 'I've enjoyed this for many years, but I knew you needed it...(he took a breath)'s yours.' The 1980 Mamiya ZE-2 Quartz. The Camera Angel. Thank You.


Karena said...

The angels are everywhere! Great camera, I am still attempting to work with my little Nikon Cool Pix L18!! Congrats!

Jan said...

Unfamiliar with this make (have checked their site now)
What a fab gift !

Clay Barham said...

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