Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sharon Stone For Damiani

Breathtaking. Damiani, recipient of an unprecedented eighteen Diamond International Awards — the “Oscars of the Jewelry World” — reiterated their belief that Damiani is truly a girl’s best friend - Sharon Stone, 50, an iconic figure of Hollywood glamour is the face of Damiani.
The campaign epitomizes female icons throughout legend and history — women who can be what they want and go beyond the limits allowed. These are women who are beautiful, romantic, tender, charming, brave, confident, courageous and full of mystery, who always feel at ease regardless of their environment. The Damiani campaign includes images inspired by Eve, Amelia Earhart, and today’s modern woman, who is unique and as strong as the ‘every’ woman.
Silvia Damiani, third generation family member, is a long time personal friend of Sharon Stone.


sinnlighet said...

Yes she is sooooo cool & beatiful!



Mélanie said...

She is so beautiful , glamour and S.E.X.Y

Cote de Texas said...

did i ever tell you she was my first cousin for a few years???

michael greenburg and sharon stone.

heee. she even went to South Padre Island with us.