Sunday, 6 December 2009

Modern Day Scrooge Chapter 6

Grabby Entertaining. (no, I didn't mean 'crabby', I actually said 'grabby') See, I'm not the only one having 'scrooge like tendencies' this year. It seems that Grabby Entertaining is becoming the norm. The economic mindset has transformed the way many people entertain today. Long gone is the 'just bring yourself' wink & hug - now it's 'would you mind bringing a bottle of wine or two, some beer, a cool appetizer, a salad and a dessert for the buffet table'. Yes. Hosts everywhere are getting awfully 'grabby'. I mean 'crabby'.


Kitty said...

LP: Miss Levine is so right. I still believe, as I have stated on Shindigs & Soirees, one's reply to "Thanks, I'd love to come; what can I bring?" is "Just yourselves." There are no pitch-ins at my home - often my friends and family are schlepping to get here, and I want them to relax and eat my food - not stuff that had to be preprepared, reheated and transported in the car. Thanks for posting, Your Kitty.

Jan said...

I'm so glad I don't get any invites to anything !

sealaura said...

that's so funny. I don't mind bringing wine but appetizers etc, arghh! what's the point of them "hosting" a party? I am out of my cranky mode but I am digging you modern day scrooge chapters. happy monday.