Friday, 4 December 2009

Modern Day Scrooge Chapter 4

Let the record show that Friday, December 4th was the first day of snow here in the beach for 2009. A very light dusting by Canadian standards, but fluffy white shapes, none the less. It is on these crisp bay mornings that I discover the bounty of my 'Holiday Letter Plant'. Do you have one? They are easy to propagate, split and share with your neighbours. It was with great anticipation; slipping on my winter boots, Bedouin scarf and faux fur coat - finding the plant alive with freshly bloomed peppermint letters. There for the picking. Slightly swaying in the sun-kissed breeze. The gentle harvest began. Just enough for a lovely bouquet.

Footnote: I guess I'm not the only blogger out there with 'Christmas Dread'. Hmmm....


Bill said...

Like all ordinary, decent visitors (and potential visitors) to your beautiful blog, we are surprised and disgusted to see the widespread and quite unnecessary use of the 'F word' in your Liberty Post.

Before you react with the 'F word' to denigrate us, and the other vast majority of readers who agree with us (particularly older readers - the ones with the time and money to visit Wasaga Beach), just ponder how much you are going to need tourists to boost your failing economy and perhaps put money in your own pocket.

What on earth are you thinking? Your readership will undoubtly go down as the majority of readers will not like what you're doing.
With your talent and creativity you don't need to stoop so low. Off colour and so called "Art" is one thing but blasting the "F" word in our face is not necessary.

Kitty said...

I love it. I can think of many people in my immediate area who might benefit from such a display. Thanks for the laughs. BTW, I consider myself exceedingly "decent."

lifeinredshoes said...

Bill, after some thought I feel I must return and explain myself.

First off, how long have you been reading LIBERTY POST?

Anyone that has been around for long knows full well that there is no subject she won't touch.

Lesbians knowing their way around "the kitchen."

The art of "pleasuring" ones self.

Her love for all things Obama.

Still, this is a blog, a personal blog, and that is what blogging is about, the freedom to speak your mind.

For better, or for worse.

And Lib's, the decorations are a bit " in your face."

lifeinredshoes said...

Apparently my first post didn't well, post.

I said, 2 words, free speach.