Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Modern Day Scrooge Chapter 2

What is the soundtrack of your Christmas like? What's on your playlist? Winter Wonderland happens to be my favorite and Elvis must go. Do your holiday cd's change when you find out he's been sleeping with another (1, 2 or 3) woman? Do you take the damn $300 putter back to the store or do you beat the crap out of his face (with it) after you've confronted him. This is just one more reason to detest Christmas: All the fakery that comes with it. Ah, the perfect marriage, relationship - promises shattered, all wrapped up in glittery paper and bow. (just for appearances sake or 'for the children') There is agony in a day-long false facade performance. It runs from Christmas Eve until Boxing Day, when thankfully you can't get the hell out of the house and blow off some pent up steam with your already maxed-out credit cards. You may even start smoking again and, by the time you get home, you realize (duh) that he is after all worth $1 Billion dollars. Might as well stay and play charades all over again next year. Mute the jingle music. Press the 'stop' button now.


Angie Muresan said...

One billion dollars isn't pocket change... I'd keep those clubs handy, and maybe give 'em one in the balls every once in a while.


Angie, I was just heading off to bed and you have me laughing so hard the whole house is going to be awake soon...yikes! Good one.

Jan said...

He isn't the first - and he won't be the last.
So glad I don't have to play those sort of games.

Ha ! word verification is cons cons
(how appropriate)

vicki archer said...

I am loving Angie's comment today...xv