Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Modern Day Scrooge Chapter 1

I drove past the food bank today. The parking lot was full. There didn't seem to be any shame or embarrassment on the faces of the people (375,000 every month in Ontario) going in with rumbling stomachs or coming out carrying big boxes. Their faces looked stoic and steadfast and sure, yet I imagined that their hearts had lost all hope of normalcy at this time of year. They had accepted the fact that they needed to use this service. But what about the gifts? What about the appetizers and liquor and their ChateauOnlineorder and imported beer on Christmas Eve? Were they counting calories or lamenting on which Manolo's to purchase for that '2 hour office party'? It's ironic. They want people to spend to move the economy, but people need an income first in order to shop. Christmas puts massive amounts of pressure on needy families. It should be outlawed - to celebrate Christmas in your own community if others are suffering. It should be banned. I can not express my utter disbelief of the religious contradiction here: Would a true Christian take while others have nothing? Would a true believer accept gifts while others receive another eviction notice or electric bill warning? Here in lies my distaste for the holidays. I thought is was about everyone coming together to celebrate the birth of Christ. Not greed and gluttony and grief. I drove past the food bank today.
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Jan said...

Well Patti,
I share your feelings of distaste.
This is a touchy subject in the blogosphere though.
When I blogged my dislike of Christmas last year, absolutely no-one agreed with me, including family members, who think I'm just being miserable !
What can ya do ?

Linda Merrill said...

Mark 14:7 "For you always have the poor with you, and whenever you wish you can do good to them; but you do not always have Me."

Patti - your concern is laudable, but by your reasoning, should we not eat because there are hungry? Should we not live in houses because there are homeless? There will always be the poor, and not exchanging gifts will not help. Obviously, making donations, volunteering and the like help. Shopping actually helps - shop owners have families to feed, artists sell their goods not for fun but to pay the bills. How many of those folks at the food bank are there because their products aren't selling, or their small trucking business has gone out because other small businesses weren't using them. As a designer, when I'm hired, I am bringing along with me the services of seamstresses, upholsterers, plumbers, electricians or carpenters. Real people with real bills. Luxury spending supports real life working class people. Gifts exchanged between friends and family are tokens of love. The magi brought gifts to the Baby Jesus - why? There were poor people then certainly. Just my thoughts. Keep the thought provoking posts coming.


Jan Hugs


Linda, You are the calm inside every storm.