Friday, 11 December 2009

Colour Help Wanted

I have fallen hard for the colour of this Mexican Hotel. What paint colour (# + company) would be closest to this? I'm counting on all of you expert bloggers with a keen sharp eye for colour and friends out there who know their shades and hues! Hugs. (you can click to enlarge....isn't it fantastic!)

UPDATE #1: My Father has decided that the colour is PMS 1805. Thanks Dad! xo

UPDATE #2: I think it's pretty close to Benjamin Moore Salsa 2009-20 (paint swatch) or perhaps Tomato Red or Chili Red???

UPDATE #3: Pratt and Lambert's Chinese Red? (table top)


Bill said...

PMS 1805

Kate said...

You never know where your colour inspiration will come from. Great colour red.

I'm traveling so don't have my color reference decks with me so will go with Bill :-)

Jane Hall The Voice of Style said...

Hi Patti,
I would say PPG colour name Crossfire. Its more of an orange then a red. I had my kitchen painted in this colour , and cobalt blue looks amazing with it.