Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Blogger Passes Away

We've talked about his before. There have been whispers down the blogging halls: 'What happens when a Blogger dies? - Do their families or friends know the passwords to notify their readers? - What happens to the body of work, the content, the love they poured into their posts?' - Who preserves their contribution to this new media? - How do we honour them? - How do we save their blogging legacy?' I don't know the answers, but I do know that it is sad. So sad. Often days or even weeks go by and we don't know that they have passed away! Today I want to hold hands with all of you to remember Meta; a perfect jewelry designer, photographer (the above photos are hers) and Blogger, friend to Sealaura and many more - who had the courage and the heart to lay it all out on the line - sharing her spirit and soul with all of us. The photograph of the moon was her last photograph and last post. Rest in peace. LPxo


lifeinredshoes said...

How? What happened? Why?


All I know is that Sealaura emailed her to find out if she was O.K.. and her family emailed back to say that Meta had died suddenly.

Jan said...

Talented lady - so tragic.

Enzie Shahmiri * Portrait Artist said...

In some areas of the Middle East friends and relatives have a picnic at the graveside of a dearly departed. When I first learned of this I found it very odd. But as I aged I realized that in many countries those who have come before us are seldom mentioned, thus truly passing away into oblivion.
Personal blogs in a way preserves a big part of the character of it's owner, thus keeping the memory of who they were alive just a bit longer.

I am sorry to hear that your friend has passed.

xoxo Enzie

pia said...

this is so unbelievably sad I don't know what to say. Her moon picture is incredible, and unbelievably poignant that it was her last post. My heart goes out to her family and friends, and for us bloggers, it leaves lots of questions and sorrow about what happens to our blogs when we are gone. xo

sealaura said...

hello. thanks for doing this nice post on Meta. I found this obituary on Meta :

I really like the idea that Meta's life is preserved and conitunes to be admired here in the blogosphere.

Again thanks for all the nice words you all had for dear Meta.