Thursday, 10 December 2009

144.6 Million Readers. What If You Had Them?

It's an amazing number to wrap your blogging head around isn't it? What if you actually had 144.6 million readers? (and they are not all sitting at home in front of a monitor - times are quickly changing - they are on the go, anywhere, reading you) Would you do anything differently on your blog? (Things might be moving this way for think a minute and let me know your thoughts) Pretend we are sitting around a massive board room table (eating fresh French pastries and Peruvian coffee with rich cream) discussing this potential. (Joni is writing our 'think tank' ideas on the flip chart and she designed the board room....gorgeous isn't it...) How will you feed those 144.6 million readers...every day?


Laura in Paris said...

Very challenging indeed! 144 M readers: Great potential for a business. However, I'd prefer to to a "niche" ! And most of all, I blog for fun!

Jan said...

Things aren't moving this way for me REALLY.
You are soo much fun Patti :)

Angie Muresan said...

Hmm... Never thought about it, but there would be a ton of pressure, wouldn't there?

prashant said...

I'd prefer to to a "niche" ! And most of all, I blog for fun!

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kanishk said...

Great potential for a business.

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