Friday, 13 November 2009

Monument Challenge Expected To Exceed 1000 Mark

Wherever you are or whatever you're doing, just add a little touch of blue in honour of UN World Diabetes Day on November 14th. Perhaps a blue photo on your blog or a new blue header for the day - blue backgrounds - World Diabetes Day buttons and sidebar items! - get virtual candle here. (I've added a few of my blue lovelies to this exquisite tea service I just bought at the Huntsville Salvation Army for $10.) And as you can see, my blog will be blue! Almost 600 million people worldwide have diabetes so I believe this special day of awareness is very important to all of us, don't you?
The total number of monuments that have confirmed participation in this year's World Diabetes Day and agreed to go blue grows by the minute. Recent additions to the list include the Sydney Opera House in Australia and Place de la Concorde in Paris, France. Early indications suggest that the global total will exceed 1000. Help us share your World Diabetes Day experience. Whatever you are doing this World Diabetes Day, please make sure that your experience is shared with the global diabetes community.
******Submit high-quality images of your event.******
Wherever you are, from Fiji to Canada, we are ready to post pictures of your event. Please upload your images as quickly as possible. The sooner we receive the images, the sooner we can make them available to the global media and highlight what you are doing to mark the day. If you plan to take pictures of a lighting event, please make sure that you're equipped to get a sharp image in dark conditions. Don't forget to pack your tripod. Before you submit the image, please give it a name that will help us identify what it is and where it was taken. Follow the day minute by minute at
SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS OF MONUMENTS TO WORLD DIABETES ORG. VIRTUAL MUSEUM (this is too cool !!!!! - go see it now !!!!) WEBSITE and share them with us on your blog!

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