Thursday, 19 November 2009

Babylove By Jackie

Close your eyes. Imagine a county highway about 1/2 hour outside of a small town. The road twists and turns; goes up, goes down and winds around a big hill. You drive about another 1/2 hour and reach a non-descript 4-way flashing amber light. It's hard to decide which way to turn, but you turn anyway. You drive another 1/2 hour down a road where nobody seems to live. Every 15 minutes you pass a massive working farm; perhaps a multi-million dollar farm. (pause for a moment...take a deep breath...can you imagine this drive in the dead of a Canadian winter?) Finally you reach a drive-way to one of these farms. You turn right. The beautiful woman inside sees you turn in. The driveway is so long that she is able to clean her entire house, fix a hot pot of tea, make egg salad sandwiches and apply her makeup to her lovely face before you knock at her door. This is the head office of 'Babylove By Jackie'. Alright. Now open your eyes and see their product line. (I am the proud owner of the orange medallion bloom coffee cozy. Lucky me!) Owner, Designer and Chief Creative Officer is Jackie. As gorgeous as she is talented. I just wanted you to know the future 'Martha Stewart' before she gets too famous.


sealaura said...

your coffee does look so cozy. love the oranges in the fabrics. hope you are enjoying your week.

Jackie said...

I had no idea that you had posted this! You're so sweet, thank-you for your kind words! :) We really do live out in the "boonies", don't we? I sometimes forget, until I hear it described by someone from outside our area. You're welcome to stop in for those sandwiches and tea, any time! Love and hugs to you! xo