Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sabrina Ward Harrison, Ace Camps & Hurricane Rick

I am thinking about the lucky workshop goers heading(?) to Baja Mexico for Ace Camps, Sabrina Ward Harrison's trip. Ah to be there with them. Book making, found object structure building on the beach, yoga, fresh food, the sun...warmth...a tribe....But I am wondering about their whereabouts and safety, as they are staying in wall tents moments from the beach. Hurricane Rick is still a CAT 5. Be safe. Be creative. Be good 'share-ers' when you get home. If you love Sabrina and have never heard her voice, here is a podcast. Lovely sounding Sabrina. She shines through. While I listened to her speak, I discovered that she is most comfortable showing people her words. Do you know what I mean? Some people communicate best with speaking words, some writing words; some through dance or music. Clearly and brilliantly, Sabrina communicates with the world 'best' with photography and paint and little Nikon D70 and D90 films and her books. She is in her 'authentic skin' when she can 'show you' her thoughts; sharing with you the things she wants to say. In the podcast she says, 'I wish I could show you'. Lovely. Genius. Inspirational. Sabrina's website here. Her workshop here. Papaya here. Twitter here. Facebook here. Ace Camps here. Sigh. Hear Sabrina's interview here. Sabrina's YouTube channel here. Buy her books here.