Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Red Ticking

This is the place to shop for vintage inspiration and treasures. Founder Pamela Robinson found happiness during her always-too-short Parisian flea market respites, a habit developed while abroad on business trips as an apparel buyer. She had a gift for finding the most fantastic vintage fabrics--red ticking--and amassed them for sport. Years into collecting a mini vintage mercantile in her home, she realized she could corner a very special, personal market in home d├ęcor. Her spot-on style didn't hurt, either. With that, Red Ticking came to life. Pam's Madison Park storefront opened in 2002. Neighbors stumbled in and spent hours ogling, admiring and purchasing her finds. But it wasn't enough for customers to live vicariously through Pam's taste, they wanted her to decorate. From room top to bottom, she divined her clients individual tastes and lifestyles into whole environments that worked seamlessly, elegantly. In 2004 Pam assembled the region's best artisans, furniture makers and upholsterers. Today, the interior consulting and design component of Red Ticking thrives behind closed doors as much as the public Seattle storefront enjoys its very conspicuous success. Follow (famous) Pamela's vintage life on her blog here and shop on her 1st dibs page here. (photos John Granen)

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