Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Nasty Nasty 'Anons'

"Do not try to appeal to everyone. Instead, take a strong stance and polarize people: make some love you and some hate you. Hate is an extreme, but here’s the gist: what you write, in order to create the highest pass-along value, needs to be “remarkable”. Is it something that is worth remarking upon? Polarize your audience, elicit some attacks — which create disagreement and rebukes and debate — and be anal about the numbers. Track what works and what doesn’t. Fine tune what works and test it again. Rinse and repeat." - Tim Ferriss (he goes on to say...) "What I dislike is anonymous cowardice. There are a lot of weirdos and psychos. Blogs give every genius and every idiot a voice, so you need to be willing to tolerate and filter the latter. I’ve been promoting educational reform and a few other things that most view as very positive. One of the results? I’ve had a few loonies sending me death threats. It’s ridiculous. If that kind of stuff will really shake you, I don’t recommend trying to build a huge audience of readers. Anonymous cowardice, as well as threats and psychos, bothers me." You gotta love Tim! (Blogging Lesson Over: Now go soak and forget about those nasty Anons.)

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