Tuesday, 6 October 2009

My Everyday Life

I am always drawn towards Scandinavian bloggers. The light in their work is cooler; similar to my everyday life here in Canada. We northern hemi bloggers share the brisk air around us and in some ways I find myself synchronized with their 'eyes'. Astrid of Norway is no exception. I love her 'Everyday Life' and her blog.


sealaura said...

very nice pics. I love the cool air and wish we had more here in Socal. I especially love the pics looking through the window. thanks for telling us about this blog.

Astrid said...

Hei! Thanks for posting about me and my everyday life :-)

Stephanie said...

Hi Patty-
Thank you for your comment on my blog about being real. I really appreciated your sentiment. I'm over trying to maintain any kind of a facade, it's too much work and doesn't ever bode well for intimacy in friendships or any other relationship for that matter.
Your comment warmed my heart from down here further in the northern hemi!