Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Blue Willow Pattern

The lovely. The loved. Willow Pattern is unquestionably the most popular ceramic design ever produced.


Cote de Texas said...

love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vicki archer said...

The china is one thing LP but those toffee apples......now you are talking, xv.

ABC Dragoo said...

So funny, my mom just bought a set of this china from a newly re-married friend of hers. The new wife wanted no part of his dear departed mother's vintage china set. (The new marriage is doomed in my book - gosh, who wouldn't absolutely adore inheriting a set of these?)

I have been oohing and aaaahing about how lovely my breakfast looks on these plates since I first saw them on a visit to Michigan in early August.

In researching to do a post on ABCD Design about the pattern, I found your post - sorry I missed it the first time when you tweeted it (I follow you, I am @abcddesigns!)

Anyway, lovely photos of this delightful pattern!
ABC Dragoo