Saturday, 10 October 2009

Blue Lime Photography - In Her Own Words

and suddenly,

the clouds parted and she realized

what she had been following.

she saw it there in the distance

like a house with wings

and a candle burning in every window:

her heart.

So, of course, she had to enter.

once you follow your heart,

and then find it,you must open the door...

(monique duval)

my love for photography started in high school, later in life i realized it truly is what makes me happy.

i am a natural light photographer who's style has been described as honest, playful and candid.

i strive to capture the very essence of my subject.

i am always thrilled to find a new location or prop to create an image that is both clever and inspired.

as a mother to a three year old creature named annie viola,

i am intently drawn to the natural free spirit of a child.

i try to bring that feeling to all my sessions to ensure your comfort in front of my lens.

i'm addicted to magazines, [especially interior design ones- but that's anothers tory!]

i love to knit, i think every moment in life can be stated with a quote from steel magnolias.

i love paris and will return someday with my annie.

i adore carly simon and never ever tire of listening to her music.

and not a single day goes by that i don't miss my mother.

it's all a journey and one i look forward to taking with you.

I am inspired on a daily basis by the world around me as well as the people I surround myself with.

i really look forward to seeing you smile. - Meg Manion Silliker
(This photographer is truly special, thoughtful and talented. - Liberty Post)

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