Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Wedding Websites

Years ago (in the industrial age) we never had 'wedding websites'...now today! Boy oh boy! They've got it all! I don't mean all the wonderful wedding portals and blogs, although they are sick. (just found out from my 14 year old that 'sick' means 'awesome') I'm talking about the 'actual bride and groom' having 'a website' for their wedding. (soon people will have 'my operation website', 'my doggy potty training website', 'my toilet-training website', 'my ingrown toenail site'.....'our divorce site'..er....oh...that is happening already - it's called blogging.) And yet. I am amazed every day by the most heartbreakingly ubertalented creatives that cohabitate with me on this planet. How do minds work this way? Here, behold, a truly cinchy-perfect wedding website. Love it. Love it. (Have I mentioned before how I love blogging cause I dunnt have any grumpy cat-fightin' Editor asking me to go git her some joe or telling me to go read some passe out-of-date book on proper grammar and spelling and format/writing/etiquette bullshitty stuff?)


Tara Dillard said...

Leaving to design an outdoor wedding venue this afternoon.

Of course creating a blog is part of what their wedding venue needs.

And. Off Topic. Love, love, love your headers. Appreciate the time you put into them.

Laura said...

Blogs have invades our lives .. but it's so much fun!

Jan said...

So true - there's a site for everything - sick isn't it (don't mean awesome)
thanks for the update on teenspeak though.
and yes - you have to call me next time you are over here - I like the idea of raising some hell around town with LPE!