Monday, 14 September 2009

True Compass, Edward M. Kennedy

I'm watching Larry, as I always do, and tonight he has Ted Kennedy's two sons on talking about their Father. They just finished describing the moment when he died. They were with him. They said it was a 'very spiritual and peaceful event'. Death? Peaceful? I must share with you that I was in the room with my Mother-in-Law, Dot Kennedy when she passed away. All 8 children and their spouses and some of the many Grandchildren were present. All of us had a hand on her; ever so gently. The Catholic Priest was there. She was ready. And when she took her last breath, it was spiritual and it was indeed peaceful. Something ran through all of us collectively. We spoke of it after. We all felt it. Not just one of us - all of us. I am so very glad I was there. It changed my entire feelings about dying. Being with the people you love when you die is the happy ending to a life lived. I know many people die alone and I am so very sad about that. I think of them. I hope to read this book, a gift from a Grandfather. In this landmark autobiography, five years in the making, Senator Edward M. Kennedy tells his extraordinary personal story--of his legendary family, politics, and fifty years at the center of national events. A True Compass.
"The work goes on; the cause endures; the hope still lives; and the dream shall never die." - Sen. Ted Kennedy
"You see, my father taught me that even our most profound losses are survivable, and that is - it is what we do with that loss, our ability to transform it into a positive event, that is one of my father's greatest lessons." - Ted Kennedy Jr.

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