Friday, 25 September 2009

The Pickle Barrel

The all Canadian PICKLE BARREL Restaurant first opened in 1971. Their humble beginning as an 85-seat diner style restaurant was an instant success and destination spot with great food and excellent value. I should know. I ate there countless times 'way back then'. Since that time over 35 years ago, the group of original owners has expanded the company to several locations throughout greater Toronto , including their newer Pickle Barrel Grand concept locations. The Pickle Barrel Restaurants has been a thriving business over the years and they have sustained their success by adhering to the time proven and simple business practice of offering a great product and excellent service at a superb value.

While they continue to offer the favourite menu items that have made them famous (like latkes, jumbo twisty poppyseed bagels and soup) , their owners and executive chefs travel all over the continent on a continuing basis in search of great ideas for a fresh and innovative menu. They have persisted with the old fashioned methods of preparing their dishes fresh-from-scratch at each restaurant, from their signature entrees, right down to their soups and sauces. Through regular consultation with acclaimed food writers, health experts and nutritionists, they have developed their well known low-carb and healthy eating choices on their ever evolving and renowned menu. The menu with “something for everyone” .

More than thirty five years of great food, professional service, classy surroundings and unbeatable value has put them in their own particular niche beyond compare. Other restaurants come and go, but the PICKLE BARREL continues to thrive and remains the best value in town!

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Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I want to sit in that booth.
And eat cheesecake.