Saturday, 12 September 2009

Only Heaven Knows

Your hometown. My hometown. Their hometown. When 'they' ask you where you're from, just say Namibia. Don't agree? Science proves it. From there, well, only heaven knows how we all got to Namibia. Have your DNA tested. Participate in the project. My Mother did and guess what? We're from Namibia! (and then we were part of a Bedouin tribe in Sinai.)

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Kitty said...

Great post. I was just having this discussion with my 10 year old son this week, in our continuing series on human evolution. It made me feel like my $30,000 anthropology degree was worth something. In a related story, I am in the midst of a family archaeology project which is beginning to reveal preliminary revelations of my own DNA. I was always brought up to understand I am 100% WASP. It now seems my uber-Irish immigrant grandfather was actually half Jewish. I'm fascinated. Planning to get my own genome mapped soon! Thanks, kitty.