Monday, 21 September 2009

The Great Food Revolution

Every student globally in Grade 7 and up should be required to watch and report on this Canadian documentary film about food. It is truly informative, jaw-dropping (oh my goodness..episode 3 will blow your mind...feeding NYC!!!..see below) and inspiring. It's time to get back to respecting our food source and the industries (including food stylists, photographers, magazine publishers and food network stars) involved in bringing food to our tables. It's about change, embracing the new...The Great Food Revolution series takes viewers on a gastronomic journey that explores how food has been transformed — from mere sustenance to the 21st century's magnificent obsession. Watch some clips here and try some of the recipes from the doc here. I was so impressed as well that the website had a boundless resource section of suggested reading and links to all the people featured! (Like The Goodman's who started in 1984 with 2.5 acres and sold at a farmer's market stand in California, to selling 59 Million bags of organic lettuce/week !!! Yes, I said 59 million!!!) How incredible! I want everyone I know to see this film.

Here are the 4 parts:

In Episode 1 of the The Great Food Revolution, find out how in just 30 years North American diners have gone from “Yuk! I’m not eating that!” to “Guess what I ate last night!”

In Episode 2 of The Great Food Revolution, follow the fierce competition in the food industry — a segment of the economy that debuted a staggering 18,000 new products last year.

In Episode 3 of The Great Food Revolution, see the incredible choreographed dance of supply and demand that feeds New York City's 24 million people every day. (Ideal for Urban Geography class.)

In Episode 4: Provocative, edgy and even surreal, the finale of The Great Food Revolution series ventures into the great unknown to see whether the future of food will be high-tech or "back to basics."

Duration: 4 x 45:00
Grade Level: 7-12, PS, AD

Subject Area/Category:
Family Studies
Business and Economics
Social Sciences

Order a copy for your local school today or have a fundraising event to buy it!

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