Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Eloise at The Plaza by Betsey Johnson

Eloise at the Plaza is a live-action film based on the Eloise series of children's books drawn and written by Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight. It stars young Sofia Vassilieva as Eloise, an irrepressible six-year-old girl who lives in the penthouse at the top of the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

'It turns out that Betsey Johnson chose The Plaza as the location for her Spring 2010 show for a reason: after Fashion Week blows through town, she is going to begin designing a two-bedroom suite devoted to the lovable six-year-old Eloise, who terrorized the historic hotel in “Eloise at The Plaza.” An Eloise suite is a kind of victory for the Plaza, despite being bound to feature pink and black, and to be festooned with all manner lace (come to think of it, they wouldn't even have to tell Johnson the room is intended for Eloise). Just five years ago the 100-year-old New York landmark narrowly escaped being turned exclusively into condominiums when it was purchased by Israeli billionaire and developer Isaac Tshuva of El-Ad properties."-John Capone

Watch Betsey share the 'Eloise' news in her own words right HERE. (she got her fashion show space free - bartered with The Plaza for designing the suite! How cool is that!)


Kitty said...

that's bananas! i loved my mother's eloise books when i was a child. and i love betsey, too! totally want to stay there when the suite is finished!

cathycan said...

Love Betsy Johnson!
Way back in the 70's ( yes, she is old!!) she was my fave designer! I sewed many a dress from her Butterick patterns! Not to mentiopn, her clothing line. Yes, I am old, too!
She's too cool!

vicki archer said...

Love that Betsy Johnson and I don't mind a tale at the Plaza either...xv

Eloise said...

I loved reading this post! Given my name, I have always wanted to stay at the Plaza. I was under the impression that the hotel had been turned into condominiums and thought that I had missed my chance to ever stay at the hotel. So glad to read that's not true! Looking forward to the movie, too.

corine said...

New York, Betsey Johnson and Eloise. What a perfect combo.