Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Ellis Island

Today, over 40 percent of America's population can trace their ancestry through Ellis Island!!!
A reception center for immigrants for more than 60 years located in New York Harbor, less than .5 miles north of Liberty Island. Ellis Island processed over 12 million people as they entered the United States of America. The island is named for Samuel Ellis, a merchant / farmer who owned it during the late 1700's. The US bought the island in 1808 and began using it as an immigration station in 1892. About 98 percent of those examined at Ellis Island were allowed into the country. The islands use as an immigration station ended in 1924 and the station closed completely in 1954. Eventually, in 1965 the island became a national historic site. The American Immigrant Wall of Honor, created in 1990, stands outside the museum and highlights the names of almost 200,000 immigrants that passed through Ellis Island. Have you had your Ellis Island medical exam lately? WARNING: They'll be using a 'buttonhook' on you? What letters would you be given?

B – Back
C – Conjunctivitis
CT – Trachoma
E – Eyes
F – Face
FT – Feet
G – Goiter
H – Heart
K – Hernia
L – Lameness
N – Neck
P – Physical and Lungs
PG – Pregnancy
S – Senility
SC – Scalp (Favus)
SI – Special Inquiry
X – Suspected Mental defect
X (circled) – Definite signs of Mental defect

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