Saturday, 19 September 2009

Cultural Journalism

"A reporter writes when, where, why and how an event happened. Generally speaking we read what a reporter has to say in the daily newspaper. We are told the facts about fires, murders, car accidents, births and deaths. A cultural journalist, on the other hand, explores events within his culture. He or she examines the cultural, societal and community context in which a broad range of things happen. A cultural journalist explores currents within society, and draws conclusions. Cultural Journalism is an examination of ourselves. It is also about traditions: identifying them, writing about them and keeping them alive." - Deborah Hare

"Go out into the community, into the mountains, and find the folklore, the people, the special places and write about them....(and fondle children while you're at it)." - Eliot Wigginton

Sorry. That was snarky to add that 'fondle children' bit, but I was impressed - very impressed with Eliot; the man who coined the term 'Cultural Journalism'...until I found out he liked to molest little boys. Makes me want to become a butcher instead of a Cultural Journalist who has to deal with bad apples from time to time.

Happy Sunday.


sinnlighet said...

Godmorning USA

Let me tell you again, that I love your virtual & image blog!! Amazing mix of pic's & so much inspiration!

Regards from Sweden & Agneta

Tara Dillard said...

Love pic, on right, in the header today. Details? Please !!

Too bad about Eliot. The Foxfire books have great value. Thought about getting rid of my signed copy. (Found at a thrift store )

But decided to keep the value of its information.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara