Friday, 4 September 2009

Come With Me This Labor Day (Tour)

My getaway location is out of the bag so I thought I'd share this (non)secret with all of you! In a few hours I will be heading down to the beach to catch a boat to a wondrous island. From there we hitch a ride to the lake house. (Don't worry, my hosts own the island so hitch-hiking is extremely in vogue and safe) I can't wait to get there and sip on some wine and eat brie with water crackers and green grapes. I've brought along my Moose book by Stephanie Klein. The scales in the bathroom are for 'show only' this weekend. We eat whatever we want. It is 'Labor Day Weekend' after all and we've worked hard; hard working Canadian citizens who deserve the last summery weekend relaxing and rekindling. The Airstream is a studio where I will probably go to do some still life images and some sketches for the book I'm illustrating. (more about that soon) Tomorrow morning - cafe au lait and croissants, horseback riding and mid-morning baking lesson - blueberry scones (secret family recipe). I decided to bring my knitting bag. I don't knit. I'm just learning, but my host is a wiz! (a.k.a. wool genius) Sunday night will be a lobster boil on the beach, our yearly football game, rock collecting, pebble designing in the sand and our traditional fireworks at dusk.
I can't imagine a better place to nosh, laugh, talk, think, create, unwind, recharge. How laborious! See you all next week! LPxo


lifeinredshoes said...

Good thing the scales are locked, I would have put on 5 pounds from all the eye candy.
Have a wonderful time, I'm sure you'll share the pics.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ooh. Knitting needles, cookies and a puppy! A recipe for a happy weekend indeed!! Have fun!

sealaura said...

those pictures are spectacular! I can hardly keep up with all your amazing posts. Your weekend plans, oh my! sound delightful. I can almost taste that wine and brie ooh la la. Have a glorious labor day weekend!

cathycan said...

IMNVS!!! Those pics were simply enchanting!!

Cote de Texas said...

wait - explain, did you take these pictures? if you did I am dying. you have gotten so good. please tell me these are yours??!!?!??