Monday, 14 September 2009

Cake Spy

As you know, my favorite food group is cake. Now I don't eat cake every day, although if I was in charge of the national food guides, I would definitely have 1 slice on there! I have written about my 'cake love' here and here and here and I have gotten real good about feeling 'cake satisfied' by just looking at 'cake photographs'. Did you know that the calories (of cake pictures) are 'zero'. Z-E-R-O. Here's the icing on the cake: I discovered Cake Spy. is a Dessert Detective Agency dedicated to seeking sweetness (literally) in everyday life. They do this by writing about bakeries, conducting baking experiments, and picking the brains of bakers and food artists, and finding awesome products for lovers of baked goods. The Cakespy crew is comprised of about 6 or 7 Cake Gumshoes throughout the US ( about eastern Canada - Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Kingston, The Maritimes?...I'm available - libertypost at gmail dot's a sample.), and is headed up by Head Spy Jessie Oleson. Jessie O is a freelance writer and illustrator (shop), whose writing appears on, and who has illustrated for various companies including Microsoft, Chelsea Paper and iPop, and regularly provides illustrations for the publication Taste of Home.

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vicki archer said...

Yum yum LP, xv.

Jan said...

ooh, that corn cob cake thingy looks interesting - is it lemon based or something ?