Thursday, 6 August 2009

What She Thinks of Me

"Half of me really is bubbly and silly- no doubt AND I want Baby J to grow up knowing she can trust me and come to me with no questions asked and with no judgement towards her. I think that's why my mom is beyond fantastic. My whole life she has made it known that whatever, whenever, wherever we are we can go to her. And it's really that simple. She bares no judgment on us- she guides, protects and usually laughs it off with us. I would never think to call my mother a bad name- not in a million years. And when I was younger my mom would never think to give us a curfew because we were home way before dark anyways. Hell yes we had rules- mostly unconventional because of her overly creative nature... but that gave us plenty of room to explore and become (what I think to be) strong and level-headed individuals. Sometimes people wonder (along with her and I ) how the heck I am her daughter. She is such a free spirit and I often think when we're together if A) what were doing is allowed B) if it's legal or C) if it's even appropriate. But Hey- that's my lovable mom and her advice is ALWAYS welcome to my ears. My parenting style may be a tad-bit different but I can only hope that Baby J and I can share the same bond as I share with mine. To me nothing feels better than hearing her voice turn something so wrong into something right. That's one reason why I love her and I'm sure over time I'll reveal more." - Taylor Darling (my Daughter)


Cote de Texas said...

How did you get what my daughter wrote to me?

we sound so much alike it's scary. seriously. were your parents strict? just wondering? or perfect?

Mine are perfect. never made a mistep in life. follows all the rules and then some. still judges me daily. I swore i wouldn't do that to my child. it stifles independence. and i raised one independent daugther.

this was beautiful.

Jan said...

That is just beautiful.

Kitty said...

cutest baby EVER!

vicki archer said...

Lovely words and a heart felt tribute - I hope my daughters feel like this about me...Enjoy your weekend, xv.

pve design said...

Hey, I wrote that to my MOM!