Sunday, 30 August 2009

Tracy Porter: A Penchant for Altars


"I am a huge believer in displaying all of my little objets d’art in the form of “altars” – essentially any surface (foyer table, side console, bookshelves, bathroom vanity, boudoir dresser) is ripe for showing off all your cherished goodies. I’ve always done this, ever since I was little. I think my French grandmother, Lucy, really inspired me here… It all goes back to tantalizing LAYERS. And really, why have pieces of antique china, old love letters, postcards, perfume bottles, garden statuary, etc, tucked away in a box or cupboard somewhere?? Sure, they won’t collect any dust there… But if they’re not out and about, how can you truly enjoy them, tell stories about them… delight in the added charm they can bring to your space?? My altars aren’t themed, really (although I’m sure John would be all over a Michael Jordan shrine if I allowed one!!!). They’re more about creating a mood, or a feeling… some with more huntress elements… some are more Asian inspired… but mostly they’re all very different and eclectic… A London Wall for my tables, if you will. I especially love including pieces of wall art in my altars. They add yet another wonderful layer… some with vintage flair, others more mod or kitschy… some with frames, some without… I must admit I have a bit of a weakness here… nary a surface is left untouched in our home! My altars are ever-changing, and that’s what I love about them… I hope you’ll be inspired to create an altar of your own!!" - Tracy Porter

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