Friday, 14 August 2009

Sabrina Ward Harrison, Ace Camps in Baja, Mexico

October 24th – November 2nd, 2009 (Oh I want to go)
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ACE CAMPS are for ALL ages. Art, learning and adventure is for everyone… (The new and specific website for the Ace Camps should be up and ready in a few weeks - in the meantime I’m using this site to help with registration - thank you for your patience - come one, come all….)
Come and join Sabrina Ward Harrison - a rare opportunity for 8 days of adventure, culture and education in Pescadero, Baja, Mexico. Over the course of the week you will make your beautiful journal, relax on a Mexican beach, hear the Pacific Ocean surf, visit the small artistic town of Todos Santos and participant and create various other extra special collaborative art projects leading up to the Mexican holiday, el dia de los muertos – Day of the Dead. Spill and wonder, create, listen, write, explore, share, swim and surf and dig your toes in the sand. During your days you will be encouraged to create freely and express openly.
In addition to workshop - which is held throughout the week at different times during the day and evening, there is access to yoga classes, massages, tours of art galleries, wandering the beaches and many other calm and creative activities and adventures. The experience is yours to learn and explore.

Fee of $1450.00 USD includes:
- Round trip ground transportation from San Jose Del Cabo to El Pescadero Beach House and throughout the Southern Baja.- (fly into here, not included in price) - 9 night’s accommodation (based on double occupancy)- 8 breakfasts, 8 lunches, 8 dinners – including beverages- week filled journey including creative adventures and enchantment with Sabrina Ward Harrison- special art supplies discovered by Sabrina
We will stay in large cabin tents with beds and great linens, in single rooms – if you would like to stay in a hotel rate increases apply. Meals are simple, nutritious and wholesome prepared with fresh produce from nearby farms – like Alice Waters. We watch the sun dip into the ocean at sunset and listen to the sounds of rural Baja.

To register for this workshop please click below:
If you have any questions contact: Angela Ritchie –

Sabrina is the creator of four groundbreaking published journals; the first one being published at the age of 23: Spilling Open; The Art of Becoming Yourself , Brave on the Rocks; If you don’t Go You Don’t See, Messy Thrilling Life; the Art of Figuring out How to Live and The True And the Questions; a journal. Her confessional journal pages are visual treats and a reminder of how fragile, inspired, confused, creative and individual we all are. A creative pioneer, Sabrina has been sharing her life experience and adventures through a vivid interplay of artwork, photography, writing and video. Sabrina’s authentic approach to life & art has encouraged people all over the world to come from a place of honest expression and what Sabrina likes to call…True Living.
Sabrina Ward Harrison makes images that collaborate with this living world - working with it, seeing into it, being inspired by it and creating for it. The landscape of our living is what she presents –- a landscape that unfolds through color, culture, depth of field and slanted light.


Angela Ritchie said...

Indeed a rare experience to spend 8days in the Baja with Sabrina. Feel free to contact me with any further information - I'd be happy to answer any questions about the retreat.

Love to see you there Patti!


Mélanie said...

That sounds fantastic ! But I have to work , work and work