Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Pia, The Star of the Canadian Gift Show

When I say I saw a lot at this massive trade show, I mean maaaasssiiivvveee. But of all the things I drooled over and made notes about, this my dear readers, this was the highlight. I was so happy to discover my good blogging friend Pia's new book front and center at the Random House booth! It was a strange feeling actually. (insert giddy goosebumps here) To see the book in all it's glory. (see how it stands out in the crowd...ah yes it does.) I stood for the longest time and marvelled at how many buyers reached for this book first. So inviting and delightful and design forward. Part travel, part inspiration, part design, part fantasy, part dreamworld, part crafty, part perfect.....Paris: Made by Hand takes home the new Liberty Post award, 'The Star of the Canadian Gift Show'. (you can order your own copy here.) Tomorrow I'll share my second-favorite show find! Stay tuned.

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Porchlight Interiors said...

This book looks gorgeous - great to see it "front and centre"! Looking forward to seeing more from your trade fair. Tracey xx