Friday, 21 August 2009

Lonny Magazine

So, you've all heard about the new online magazine starting right?

Needing Some Background?

Wondering who's behind the NEW Lonny Magazine?

(here goes)

Lonny is a comprehensive photography and styling team comprised of photographer Patrick Cline and designer Michelle Adams. The duo met in New York in 2007 at a photo shoot for domino magazine, and have since collaborated on lifestyle and interiors projects. Patrick's extensive knowledge and love of photography began in London in 1997 where he assisted some of London's premiere photographers. He spent nearly a decade honing his skills on projects ranging from fashion editorial and car photography to digital retouching and commercial printing. In 2006 Patrick made the move to New York and founded his company Brand Arts, where he has since worked with clients in the cosmetic, fine arts and design industries. Michelle trained her eye for styling and design at a young age by combing flea markets and secondhand shops for quirky finds. She later studied interior, fashion and textile design at Michigan State University and spent a summer in London working for legendary textile designer Zandra Rhodes at the Fashion and Textile Museum. In 2006 Michelle moved to New York to work for domino magazine where she assisted the Decoration Editor on sourcing products, organizing photo shoots, and pitching new designers and trends. She has recently founded an organic interiors company called Rubie Green and works and resides in East Harlem.

Michelle Adams and Rubie Green:

Rubie Green is the creation of designer Michelle Adams. A budding interior designer since childhood, Michelle was perhaps the only ten-year-old who asked for curtains for her birthday and rearranged her room for fun. She went on to study apparel and textile design at Michigan State University, where she took a course in sustainability that opened her eyes to the importance of environmentally friendly design. According to Michelle, "our professor taught us that if we were going to put more products onto the earth then we needed to do so responsibly. It's a concept that has stuck with me throughout the entire manufacturing process, despite the fact that it would have been twenty times easier to manufacture in traditional ways."
After school, Michelle honed her aesthetic at domino, where she landed her dream job scouring the country (and the world!) for the newest and best in home d├ęcor. While working on the magazine’s inaugural "green issue," she realized no one was making eco-friendly textiles in classic prints and saw an opportunity to combine her two passions: design and sustainability. So, in 2007 she left the magazine to start Rubie Green.
Michelle lives in Manhattan and dreams of the day when she will have an actual kitchen and maybe a walk-in closet. She is continually inspired by decorating magazines and the city, and she loves to travel. Check out her blog for some of her favorite finds.

Lonny Magazine is the creation of Lonny Photo.

Lonny Magazine: jump here!


Kitty said...

Love it already. I heard it here first!

Anonymous said...

I have't read this magazine. I will try it once.


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