Friday, 28 August 2009

The Liberty Post Manifesto

In a nutshell.

We believe that...anything goes. You have the freedom to define your life & personal style and the license to change your mind always and often. Knowledge of our society & culture, it's places, people and their ideas (hence 'Gallery of Goods') empowers all of us. You are 'at-liberty' to create your world.

(written by me in June 2007 and I still love it. it still holds true for me.)

What's your manifesto?
(Here's another manifesto to give you some ideas...)
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Jan said...

I aspire to be organized enough to create a manifesto - you are inspiring though Patti.
As always thanks for your support & have a great weekend x

Elise said...

Hello, really wanted to leave a comment for you because your blog is so beautiful. Time flies when you're having fun and I've really enjoyed reading your interesting posts. Your pictures are brilliant too. Thank you for sharing them and have a great weekend - best wishes....


Jan, I can always count on you to boost my ego. Hugs.


Elise, Oh my goodness. What a lovely compliment. It means so much to me. Hopefully I will continue to entertain you. Thank You. LPxo