Sunday, 30 August 2009

How To Create An Altar

Step 1
Select your site. You’ll want to put a personal altar in a place that is away from heavy traffic but also in a place where you’ll be able to gaze at it often. Personal altars are perfect, of course, in meditation chambers. The altar can be anywhere in the house you so desire, as long as it’s an area removed from other items and stands out as a special place.
Step 2
Pick your platform. A small table, individual shelf set off by itself on a wall or even a fireplace mantle can work as a personal altar, as long as you only populate the platform with personal altar items. No exceptions. You can jazz up your platform by draping it with decorative scarves, fabric and fringe to truly show this is a sacred and beautiful place.
Step 3
Choose your items. Select items that have deep meaning for you. Perhaps you want to include a photo or two of those dear to you who have died or a place that is special in your heart. Pick things that signify greater truths, like a bird’s feather to indicate your reverence of freedom, a rock to show your respect for the earth, a bronze flower to indicate your love of beauty.
Step 4
Arrange the items on your altar. The most important items should go in the middle with the other items arranged around the middle item in a circle. Try to keep a circular pattern going, as it is indicative of the circle of life.
Step 5
Dust often. Letting a personal altar build up inches of dust, dirt or become neglected is not only disrespectful but it goes against the very reason you created the altar: to pay homage to all that is important. You are giving a very clear message to the universe that none of this is important if you let your altar fester in filth.

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