Monday, 3 August 2009

A Family of Bloggers

Let me set the scene for you:

INT. NIGHT. Family sitting in a cozy Canadian family room. TV (typically CNN) is on. No one is talking. All that you hear is the clicking of keyboards. Laptops on every lap. Desktops in corners. This is the sad state of nuclear family affairs. They forget to cook meals, they forget to let the dogs out, they forget eachother's names, they forget to love, they forget how to walk....(How to people live offline anyway)

Currently: Here are my family of blogs:

Neverland (My Egypt Girl)

Taylor Darling (My Canadian Girl)
Oceana Whispers (My Cousin the Floral Designer)

Blueberry Hill (My Mother's Blog)

Perk Coffee Sipping News (My Father's Blog)


of course

my own blog

Liberty Post (No. 41 on Blogrankings Today !!!! Yeah !!!)

oh and I forgot

my other community blog

My Son and Daughter-in-Law had blogs too which are now dormant
until they catch the blog flu again.

Now all we talk about is stats, comments, anon's, blog stuff and who's best.


beachbungalow8 said...

I have to say, I'm sort of glad I"m the only blogger in this house. I need to walk away from my blog world every once in awhile to get refreshed. I try and not touch the computer on weekends so I can reconnecct.

Jan said...

Maybe all of you should be in a Book of Records or something ?
(p.s I like the maple leaf pic) x