Sunday, 30 August 2009

Artist Ancestors Altar

Now hold on a minute. Before you go dismissing altars as hocus pocus, airy-fairy, whoohoo magic sauce, you must take one step back. Perhaps what some people call an altar, others may call a design vignette, inspiration board, sacred space, spa room, shrine, jewelry box, keepsake trunk.....altars are those places where items (many or a few) that mean 'a lot' to you are gathered & displayed to give you peace, hope, strength, creative guidance, pleasure, divine messages, support, spiritual connection or many other things. I suspect everyone has an altar in their home. It could be your spice cupboard; when you open it you feel happy. It might be your wine rack; happiness visually here too. You have an altar. I know you do. (Could it be your handbag or shoe collection? Your blue and white china? You calligraphy brushes? Your shells?) I would have to say that an altar reveals a lot about a person.


Jan said...

and I would have to say that you're right on the money on this subject!
I want one.

Kitty said...

just wanted to say i loved the "healing altar" and the quan-yin. the latter is very much like my own.