Monday, 17 August 2009

AD Magazine Rumour or Real?

Have you read this post about AD Magazine? "I heard a rumor this morning that Paige Rense is retiring or being retired as the editor of Architectural Digest." - Habitually Chic
Funny, if you wiki Domino Magazine and click on My Deco File guess where you end up? My Deco File was a web-based application created by Domino Magazine that let users organize decorating ideas and images in one paperless space. The My Deco File application was shut down (??? not) in conjunction with the end of publication of Domino Magazine. And even funnier, click on and you end up at AD. Yes, I know they are both Conde Nast...... Therefore: the new Editor-in-Chief will be Deborah Needleman. She is the best choice. Or they better have a good offer for Joni Webb. Remember Decorno's letter? Time will tell if I'm right.

"The perfect-home look is over," says Deborah Needleman, former editor in chief of Domino magazine. (buy her book here) "It is so not of this moment. We're living in a freer time in terms of design and style. You can simultaneously love modern design, rustic pottery, some piece you picked up on the side of the street - all these things can live happily together in your home."Read more.... (I love how Deborah discusses the BOHO look - a check mark to SRT's commentary about my observations from the Toronto Gift Show!)
Footnote: My Golden Retriever, Paige is named after Paige Rense!


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Interesting! I hadn't heard the rumor, so I'm intrigued.

Jan said...

I'm so relieved to hear that the 'perfect home' look is over LP ☺

Di Overton said...

I used to love Architectural Digest but not any more. In fact there aren't many good mags left anywhere in the world.