Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Uganda. Aids. War. Poverty. Hunger. Children. Big eyes. Big smiles. Big dreams. Big hope. I had the pleasure of meeting these children last week. Backstage my tears jumped out of my eyes, literally. It was just me and them. I told each of them I loved them. They are orphans without parents. Lost in a land of a health and human rights crisis. I received a warm and cuddly hug from each of them. Their skin dark and tender with young years of sorrow and sadness under the surface. They had come to Canada to perform; sing happy songs of their culture - sharing their stories and asking for help to build a new life, home and education. Watoto is a response to the cry of the orphaned and vulnerable children of Africa, whose lives have been ravaged by war and disease. The Watoto model encompasses the construction of Children’s Villages, which provide a homely environment, where children are housed, clothed, fed, educated and spiritually discipled, with the intention to train and equip them as future leaders. You may download their brochure here, find a performance location here or book the choir here. Watoto blog too! If you feel you can and want to help the children of Uganda, here is a priority needs list. The boys were 'cool' and posed for me. The girls were excited and giddy and jiggly dancing all over...hence the blurred photos of them! LPxo


Jan said...

What a brilliant programme.
Brilliant smiles. :)

beachbungalow8 said...

beautiful post. Your photos capture their positive, hopeful energy.

thank you