Sunday, 26 July 2009

$7 Dozen Corn (Yup it's True) + Elmvale Flea Market

Never mind The 100 Mile Diet. This corn must have been grown on the Space Station and shipped in on the bee-hind of the shuttle...for that price! (It really does pay to grow your own vegetables.) It was raining again at the market this morning. Umbrellas of many colours dotted the puddle jumping gravel aisles. I love being within an earshot of the various friendly conversations going on; most these days are lamenting about our horrible sunless Canadian summer. (Al Gore...have we been duped?) I bought a pint of new potatoes for $5 and a big bag of bright green beans for $3. Those crunchy beans were a wonderful snack for the ride home. And another thing. I am the absolute worst fresh market shopper ever! I always forget my cloth shopping bags. Everyone else seems to be on the ball. Next time. Yes. Next time I will remember. The bag and the $7.

CLICK on that carrot photograph. I really do love it! Would make a healthy desktop wallpaper! Enjoy.


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