Monday, 1 June 2009

It Was NOT A Meatless Monday

My friend Kate called me tonight and said, 'So, Meatless Monday's eh? You've got to be kidding.' And I yelped, 'What day is it?' My Daughter, who is here visiting for the week snorted and said, 'Mom, it's Monday.' And I yelped again, 'Oh Shit' (into Kate's ear, who by this time is laughing at me hysterically). I totally forgot about Meatless Monday. (I served beef stir fry) a way to redeem my forgetful little self, I give you a link to everything you need to know about buying and cooking beef.


lifeinredshoes said...

Nice save!

Jan said...

Ha - sounds more like a Manic Monday :)

sealaura said...

In my country of El Salvador meat is a luxury which made me a chic vegetarian at a young age ;<) !
But lately I have been craving it! Luckily my pocket book still can't afford carne and luckily seafood is my absolute fave. I will think of you on the next meatless monday.