Monday, 22 June 2009

Haunting Chanting Screaming

I have just listened to a few troubling things on the television. I keep my TV on in my studio. It keeps me company and it keeps me entertained and informed. (it also gives me post ideas):

1. Reportedly, the Iranian government is sending thugs to the hospitals, forcing the Doctor's to write fake death certificates and the injured are being kidnapped and taken away to be tortured/killed. The injured family members believe they actually died!

2. Neda's body was held by the Iranian government until her family agreed to have a 'family-only' private burial. I am not against the family's wishes; I am against the Iranian government taken away their 'choice'. Thousands of citizens wanted to attend, but now they do not have that opportunity.

3. When will the International Community really slam their foot down on this human rights issue?

The footage last night on CNN of the screaming in the night - reminded me of the movie The Ten Commandments - when the King said all first born boys would be killed. Haunting.

Humans only want 3 things: Peace, Freedom and Prosperity(even at the most basic level)
Image: alice in wonderland via AT


Kitty said...
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Kitty said...

what i meant to say was that mad hatter scared the crap outta me, then i read your post and got really terrified.