Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Born in 1959, I grew up listening to adults discuss that 'friends and family' should not be in or do business together. That's all changed. Social Media is the polar opposite. We strive to become closer to friends and family - find many new friends - and then do business with them or encourage them on their journey to success; promoting them, supporting them and even giving them great ideas. That's why we love to work now. We work a bit, pot a new plant, go out for coffee, listen to a podcast, publish a post, do a photoshoot, paint a picture, pick out a paint colour, open up about your personal life..all muddled up, cuddled up, blurred...making money....Weisure. Learn more here.


Pink Lemonade said...

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!!

corine said...

Oh yeah, and there is more and more of that. the world is opening up like a beautiful flower. Or maybe I'm just getting older and happier.