Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Sunshine Through A Green Bottle

It struck me funny (and I even giggled out loud in a silenced, impressive 'red' room) at the AGO a few weeks ago (AGO/ago in same sentence duh), that Artists in the way-way-way-back machine did not have very interesting titles for their artworks. No guessing. If it was a girl in a yellow dress, they called it 'Girl in Yellow Dress'. If it was a boy in blue pants, they called it 'Boy in Blue Dress'. If it was flowers in a white jug, they called it 'Flowers in White Jug'. I love that simplicity. Not like today. Oh no. Girl in a Yellow Dress would be, 'Bitter Feminine Fear Amongst Desperate Lemony Chiffon'. Hope you like my new bubble bath container. I'm recycling a Grolsch jumbo beer. Can you imagine? This company started in 1615!!! This photo was taken right after I peeled the labels and washed it. It now sits beside my jumbo soaker tub. This artwork is called: "Sunshine Through A Green Bottle".


katiedid said...

Way to recycle! Love it. I am not sure quite what I could do with all the empties my husband provides.

Jackie said...

We keep our maple syrup in a smaller version - I didn't realize the company was so old! There's my tidbit of useless information for the day :)