Friday, 22 May 2009

Blog Out Loud

From the Blogebrities at 'Blog Out Loud':
I'm excited to announce our new little venture, Blog Out Loud >> Connecting Through Creative Blogging. Blog Out Loud is the collaborated effort of myself and Rebecca Orlove of Loving.Living.Small and ATLA.
What it is:
An ongoing creative event in a symposium format featuring a panel of established bloggers {changing each time } The idea is to inspire, encourage and share experiences on a variety of relevant topics.... and of course network. Since all of you have fabulous blogs, we would love your help. If you could do a post about the event in the next few days, we can gain some exposure and (hopefully) appeal to creative people looking for support and/or encouragement to start or maintain their own blog.

When & Where:
Thursday, June 4th at Patio Culture on Abbott Kinney in Venice, CA.
Jonathan (Happy Mundane), Audrey Woolen (Parcel Post) and Richele Silva (Richie Designs)

Our Goal:
To get the word out in the next 2 weeks. We want to reach creative people - interior designers, gfx designers, photographers, shop owners, artists, you name it - and invite them to join us, chat with the panel of bloggers and learn more about blogging.
And if that's not enough of a carrot on the stick: there will be free libations.
All event details can be found at

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